Our United States of America provides ALL citizens rights afforded to them by  our forefathers. These rights are not be infringed upon by anyone. The right to freedom of speech and the right to bear arms is the very basis our freedom was founded upon and defended by.




Increase the presence of Law Enforcement in every single school. This approach is needed to safeguard our children and provide an immediate response in the event of an active shooter situation. The unfortunate truth is the only thing that stops a bad person with a firearm, is a good person with a firearm. We can easily contract with retired police officers to help protect our children. Retired officers are in better positions for availability to sure up our children's safety. This will eliminate restraints placed on the public school systems. Highly trained professionals will make a difference.




A greater focus on mental health is desperately needed in North Carolina today more than ever. We no longer can afford to depend on our jails to surrogate services from those that suffer from these illnesses. The jails must be used for their intended purpose, to protect society from the criminal elements that exist in our society today.


Mental illness can no longer go misdiagnosed or untreated. As a society, we must find solutions. North Carolina politicians have dropped the ball in protecting and helping those with mental illness, I won't! I will pick the ball up and will fight hard for you, your family and not the establishment!


The last four years have brought many changes but the one thing that has not changed is the War on Police.  The War on Law Enforcement has reached new heights. Previous National Police hate groups have made it politically correct to allow and even promote the killing of law enforcement officers. This has allowed those who were already committing crimes to have an excuse for their criminal behavior. An excuse that defies all logic for common decency. Promoting civil destruction through anger mixed with defiance of the law is a recipe for social disaster as it sets a tone for its intended purpose of violence in unsuspecting low-income communities. This is a typical response for those seeing the law as a deterrent to their unlawful behavior. No one should use the less fortunate as a pawn in their political rise to victory or their wedge to maintain control and power. The Public Trust is the foundation law enforcement hinges its credibility on. Building bridges is better than tearing them down for political gains. 


I will continue to protect those who serve and protect others. I will work to improve the quality of life for law enforcement and other public safety personnel. Public Safety in North Carolina has and will continue to have no greater friend than I have been and will continue to be. Public Safety Personnel needs a protective Bill of Rights to defend them against those who wish them ill and wish to embarrass them in the public with false allegations for quick financial settlements regardless of what the facts are in each individual case. 


I will write and for legislation that will strike at the unlimited financial resources of hate groups in NC. I will continue the push to eliminate the non-profit status of any group, associated groups, or persons affiliated with any criminal behavior or action that is suspected to be so. The groups or associated groups need to be banned from lifetime activity and nonprofit status here in North Carolina and the federal level. 


We must lead our economic success from the front and not the back. We can no longer afford to lag behind in our rural areas. North Carolina holds so much economic opportunity that we can bring to our area. We should seek out high-tech companies looking for a great place to land. You as a resident and taxpayer deserve a fair & honest opportunity for success. We can achieve this without sacrificing the characteristics that make us great. Granville, Person Counties and North Durham County area treasures that have yet to be brought to the forefront. Common Sense growth and new jobs are the responsibilities of every leader who represents the taxpaying voter. I will use a common-sense approach to secure jobs for the underlying areas of the county and voters. Encouraging new businesses to start up with our own citizens right here at home and assisting them where we can.

Protecting North Carolina's Senior Citizens 
In the majority of cases, our senior citizen population struggles with day to day issues due to the venerability that comes with age. It is something we can guarantee. Everything from medical costs to safety becomes a front-line issue.  Politicians for too long have rested belief's that senior citizens are a given support group to those who pretend to wrestle with issues that affect our seniors. Politicians for far too long have exploited our golden population with photo ops and church (Meet & Greets) for the vote. Politicians with the smooth delivery and no substance typically get that vote.  I remember being there for my grandmother and grandfather through their final chapter of life and would not have wanted to be anywhere else. We must do whatever it takes to give back to them what they gave to others. We cannot continue to place the burden on our senior citizens and should never allow them to harness the burden of or from the government. When we do we as a society has dropped our moral obligations and we become no better than a socialist society hanging on the edge of distinction.  

© 2018 Rick Padgett for NC Senate-22.