TO SUPPORT SOMEONE, FIRST YOU MUST KNOW THEM & RICK BELIEVES  Special Interest that endangers our children and and their future generations must stop. "Time to take on the special interest, violence and bullying in our schools!" 

Professional Career

Distinguished career serving the Durham County Sheriff's Office for 34 years. I worked my way from a Deputy Jailer over the years to ranking Captain.

I continued as a Commander for Community Services, Training & Standards, & Internal Affairs. I concluded my career with a full-time assignment as an Administrator to the Sheriff until his retirement.

Served in the United States Army, 101st Airborne Division, 3rd Infantry

In order to support anyone in anything, you have to know whom you're placing your support behind. In order to trust that person, you must believe in them & what they stand for. The person you support must stand for and be an example of integrity that is unwavering. 

  • Member of the Exchange Club Child Abuse Prevention Center.

  • Member of the Rape Crisis Board.

  • Member of the Durham Domestic Crisis Board.

  • Member of the Durham City/County Planning Commission (Commissioner 2012-2015).

  • Co-Founder of the North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance & Sheriff Police Foundation (NCSPA).

  • Member of the Oak Grove Youth Sports Group.

  • Member of the Southern High School Safety Board.

  • Member of the Durham Masonic Lodge 352.

  • Member of the Durham VFW.


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