This is your opportunity to do something that will


Impact The Community!


Help Rick make a difference in N.C.


There are many ways to volunteer,

Meet & Greets or hosting fundraising events. 

Here are other ways you can help:


Do you have location that you would like to host Rick? Does the platform that Rick stands for appeal to you, your friends and family?

If so, consider hosting a Meet & Greet!

To schedule a meet and greet, please click on the contact button below!

Invite Rick to your next Backyard Cook Out. Invite all your friends.

$50 Challenge. Invite friends and divide the total of friends to equal the total $50. 

Shake A Hand Make A Friend Meet


Would you like to help the "Common Sense Campaign"?

We would love to have you as part of our team! 


Our Message is Clear. This campaign is about you and how to make your quality of life better by giving you every opportunity to achieve life's greatest moments.

  • Request a yard sign.

  • Make phone calls.

  • Door to door campaigning. 

  • Working at polls.

  • Volunteer at events.


As a candidate running for office, the unfortunate truth is the system is not set up for the working class average Joe to run a campaign and win a public office, at least until now.

The establishment incumbent typically has the greatest odds to win and  maintain power and control in a political system rich with inaction that lacks credibility  built with  useless rhetoric and soundbites.  It's time we change it!

For Republicans there is a false belief that Republican candidates have plenty of funding. Not true at all. That is what those who oppose small government want you to believe. I am asking you to help take us all the way to victory in 2020

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