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Thursday Morning meet 08:00 AM @ Country Kitchen: 8806 Durham Rd, Timberlake, NC 27583


           Vote North Carolina

      President - Donald J. Trump

      NC GovernorDan forest

      Lt. Governor - Mark Robinson             Sec of State -  EC Sykes             

      NC Senate D 22  Rick Padgett  

          November 3, 2020 


Check out the Butner, Creedmoor, Roxboro, and Oxford. We'll be in an Area Near You 2020


Check out Vesuvio's Italian  Restaurant 1049 Durham Rd Roxboro, NC 27573

Blue Grass Band last Thursday of the month.


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2019 - NC Senate passes teacher raises, but it did not matter to NC Democrats because


 Mike Woodard and the  

 NC Democrats Voted NO.

Voters have had enough of career politicians.


Time for the Establishment to stop capitalizing off of others misfortune Woodard Has To Go!


Watch for our facebook for Online  Events. Never know when we might be just around the corner from you.


If you see us come on out and say "Hi" Let's take a photo with you. Photos will be available on the website page.  


You are the community. You and your family matter. Please come out and see us. It would be great to meet you all!


I am working for your vote your trust and your help as we send a message to the Establishment in Raleigh "Playtime in the Political Sandbox is Over!"



North Carolina recently received an "F" on how Mental Health issues are handled. Our politicians have turned a blind eye to this. It's time for the incumbent politicians here in North Carolina to own their failure. Our state is in a mental health crisis. While these career politicians are entrenched with their lack of concern, those in need will continue to struggle. We must send a loud message to the incumbent career politicians that their playtime in the Raleigh sandbox is over. In the NC Senate District 22, you deserve a hard-driven senator willing to stop playing politics with every aspect of life. Together we will provide "Common Sense Leadership into NC Senate District-22. This is where we need it the most. It's time to send the message to the special interest "They will no longer own NC Senate District 22."  It's time to Restore Integrity to NC Senate 22!

Its time for your senator in Senate D-22 to represent all the unforgotten men and women from Person and Granville County through Northern Durham County. I need your support and I ask for your vote in 2020

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